About the site

I love to eat and I love good food. So this blog to design to share and document my eating adventures with those who are interested, along with nutrition facts that I tend to get obsessed about. I am thinking about including eating etiquette because dining is an art itself. Different cultures have different manners and ways to eat. If you’re looking for recipes this is NOT the site for you unless you want to learn how to make a mean peanut butter jelly sandwich. Picky as I am, don’t ask me to cook for you unless you don’t mind pasta and store bought sauce, but I can recommend a place for you to eat anytime (depending on food preference… and your location of course).

About Me

There’s really nothing much to say about me besides, I enjoy food. I use to take pictures of the food I eat so I finally decided to put them all together. I also used to go to school in NYC making it easy to try something new each time. However, I am heading to Florida soon and hopefully food there won’t disappoint. If you MUST know more about me, just email me/comment somewhere. But please don’t resort to stalking 🙂

Congee Girl?

For those who don’t know, congee is an Asian rice porridge (And yes, I am Asian). There are many ways to eat it – plain with soy sauce, shredded pork, salted duck, peanuts, or cook it with seafood, pork, chicken, etc – you get the picture. It’s mainly a breakfast food but I tend to eat it whenever. But why did I use congee? I DO love eating congee but what I really wanted was Stinky Tofu but unfortunately that was taken by almost every possible blog out there. So I am here as Congee Girl.